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Individual psychotherapy treatment sessions are one-to-one meetings between you and me. These sessions last from 50-60 minutes, typically once a week.


My areas of specialty are increasing emotional intelligence, helping you form and maintain healthy relationships, assertive communication, gaining overall control over life, stress management, and increasing self-esteem and self-worth.

During your psychotherapy sessions, you can expect to feel safe to share your history, thoughts, and feelings with me so that we can work together to resolve your difficulties. Goals are collaboratively developed in the beginning of treatment, but can be adjusted throughout our time together.

During each session I will give you my undivided attention and my undying will to help you work toward your goals, empathy, and understanding.

My goal is to help you become the person that is consistent with the person that you want to be.


A psychological assessment and/or evaluation is a professional opinion from me about an individual's functioning, with an objective to answer a particular question about that individual in order to make an important decision related to that individual.

Typically, an assessment involves an in-depth psychological interview and several hours of psychological testing, which yields results that are explained in detail in a report. I have conducted evaluations related to immigration, personal injury, fitness-for-duty, child abuse, and assessment of needs for foster children.

If you're interested in a psychological evaluation, feel free to contact me so that we may discuss the appropriateness of a psychological evaluation for your needs.






Struggling in your relationship with your children and/or teenagers? My Positive Parenting Program (a.k.a. Triple P) may be perfect for you.

Triple P is a short-term, skills-based treatment that I provide to parent(s) struggling in their relationship(s) with their children and/or teenagers.

Treatment duration can last anywhere from 12-15 sessions depending on parents' perceived progress.

In this program, you can expect to learn a LOT about yourself and your child by understanding the reasons behind your relationship dynamics. The outcome of this treatment is for you to gain effective skills at managing your child's misbehavior in non-destructive ways, and to promote a healthier and more positive relationship with your child. This program is not an easy one, but I live by it! Many of my individual clients also benefit from Triple P strategies that I occasionally incorporate into our individual sessions!


Q: How can I schedule an in-person appointment?

A: I'm dedicated to protecting the health of the community, and will be providing virtual online therapy ONLY for the remainder of the COVID-19 pandemic. If you're interested in working with me, you may email me to set up an initial 1-hour consultation that is only charged if you decide to continue working with me.


Q: Is there any paperwork I can fill out ahead of the appointment?

A: After you've set up your first session with me, you will receive a link to a personal portal where you will be able to access required paperwork. Please fill out the paperwork prior to our first session, where I will briefly review treatment policies, and give you an opportunity to ask any questions you may have about the paperwork.


Q: Do you take insurance?

A: PPO plans under any insurance carrier can be used for services, and reimbursement is based on plan benefits. Please contact your insurance carrier for details about your benefits. I will gladly provide superbills for services rendered, upon request.


Q: How long are in-person sessions?

A: Individual psychotherapy treatment sessions, which are one-to-one meetings between you and me, last from 50-60 minutes, and are typically once per week. Bi-weekly appointments are also available, but are typically recommended for clients that have already built a good treatment foundation with me.


Q: Can I follow you on Instagram if I'm working with you?

A: Instagram is a forum that is available to the public, so your decision to follow me is entirely based on your own discretion. While some of my social media content may sound similar to topics discussed in our sessions, it's important to understand that IG content is NOT supplementary to your treatment, and the work we do together is unique to your personal experiences. There's a disclaimer on my Instagram page discussing how my IG content should be consumed, please take a moment to read it.


Q: Do you have a waiting list?

A: The decision to start therapy isn't an easy one, and it's easy to lose momentum when therapy needs to be delayed. For that reason, I don't keep a waiting list, and encourage potential clients to try other wonderful therapists. Should you still desire to work with me, feel free to check back every couple of weeks to see if I have any new openings.


Emotional Support Animal (ESA) letters are sometimes requested by landlords/renters or airlines in order to distinguish individuals with emotional disabilities that can be alleviated with the presence of an animal/pet. ESA documentation is ONLY provided to long-term clients whom I have carefully evaluated, with a determination that an animal/pet indeed alleviates emotional symptoms.


I do not provide ongoing family therapy, but there are circumstances in which I may suggest or agree to a request for a family session for individual clients. This is determined on a case by case basis.


Many clients request couples' therapy from me, and I typically refer out. This is why: My specialty is in providing individual therapy, and if I care about your wellness journey, then I will leave conducting couples' therapy to somebody that is specially trained to work with couples! (YES, the treatment approach is THAT different!)

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